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This website is hosted on an old Pentium I using the ADSL connection at the Base Digital facilities. We are now planning to upgrade this PC to a brand new Pentium III. As we are hosting several domains (some friends and projects we sympathise with) we are also looking for a good CPanel/H-Sphere/Siteworx/Plesk/Ensim/DirectAdmin free replacement.

These are the system control panels I find most interesting:

  • VHCS (demo, doc) These one seems to be the most featureful. Available in many languages, including Spanish. Incomplete documentation.
  • Domain Technologie Control (demo, outdated doc) It looks pretty cool, and it is multiplatform (there is a FreeBSD port). Unfortunately its community seems small.
  • SysCP (demo, doc) A fine panel, the Spanish translation has some errors. Short but good documentation.
  • AlternC (demo, doc) It’s available en English, French and Spanish, but documentation seems to be only in French. It looks somewhat ugly.

Ravencore looks promising, but it is still in early development. By the way, I discarded web://cp because it is completely RedHat oriented, and our server will be running Debian GNU/Linux.

If you have tested some of these server administration tools, please tell us about it.

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